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Many factors go into developing and maintaining a healthy brain. Nutrition and exercise are two of the main ways, but adding supportive habits will provide a greater boost. Practicing mental exercises is a research-backed habit that has been shown to improve brain function.

The apps that will help contain puzzles, trivia, and skill development. Here are apps that will help boost your brain power.


Learn new skills



(Website, IOS, Android)

Duolingo currently has 19 language courses to choose from. It’s easy to start and good for any level of language learning. You will start with basics and move on to more advanced lessons. They also offer a podcast, stories and events to enhance the learning experience.



(Website, IOS, Android)

Have you ever wanted to learn to play a musical instrument? This app gives you lessons on playing guitar, bass, piano and ukulele. It also provides singing lessons. When you purchase an instrument, you’ll be all set to learn through the app.



(Website, IOS, Android)

If you’ve ever wanted to learn to code, this is the app to start with. It’s beginner-friendly and appropriate for all ages. It covers many programming languages which you’ll learn through easy to follow lessons and real-world projects.


Puzzles to boost your brain function



(Website, IOS, Android)

You’ll find a library of over 50 brain training exercises. You can even get the fitness mode with a set of brain exercises specifically designed for you. It also provides you with mental insights like strengths, weaknesses and cognitive patterns.



(Website, IOS, Android)

Elevate uses real-world problem-solving games and tasks to help build you brain power. You’ll be learning new things and performing tasks to help with function, focus and memory. You can track your progress to see how your skills have improved.

(Website, IOS, Android)

If you want a simple puzzle app to put on your phone, is a good choice.You can practice at any time you want. They have over 10,000 puzzles with levels ranging from easy to expert with an even difficult, super large level.


Find your focus



(Website, IOS, Android)

Happify contains science-backed programs and tools to help you overcome mental health problems. Stress is related to brain health, which is why this app is beneficial for improvement. These exercises are easy and effective and can fit seamlessly into your daily routines.



(Website, IOS, Android)

This is another mental health improvement app. It uses meditation and mindfulness techniques to help you achieve stress reduction, better sleep and improved focus.



(Website, IOS, Android)

Implementing calming techniques can lead to a reduction in stress. Calm uses tools that are backed by research to help you improve your mood. Through meditation and restful sleep, the app will help you find calm for a better brain.


Fitness for brain health


7 Minute Workout

(IOS, Android)

Research shows that fitness is also beneficial for brainhealth. This app is convenient, can be done anywhere. You’ll perform 12 exercises for 30 seconds each and a ten-minute break between each set. YOu can do it once or more, depending on the time you have and the challenge you’re seeking.


Pocket Yoga

(Website, IOS, Android)

Yoga offers both physical fitness and stress relief with the practice of poses and breath. It is a relaxing for of physical fitness. This app is convenient and easy to follow for beginners. You can choose from over 27 sessions and a library of over 200 poses.

While using apps will benefit a stronger, healthier brain, you should not rely on them alone. It takes other steps like better eating habits and exercise. Using apps, though, is an excellent first step or addition to your daily habits for a better brain.