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Maintaining a positive mood throughout the day is not the easiest thing to do, but it can be important for reducing stress and making interactions with colleagues, friends and family more pleasant. Whether a person is going through some genuinely life-altering stress or is just having trouble staying on an even keel in the face of the usual string of daily irritations and challenges, small breaks in even a busy work day can make all the difference.

Breaks are critical, and in particular, this means taking a lunch break that is not just sitting at the desk. People should try to get away and go outside even for a few minutes. A brief walk can be especially helpful.

Of course, there are days when even the shortest break seems impossible, and trying to squeeze one in can cause even more stress. At those times, an indulgence that can be enjoyed alongside work or running errands may help, such as picking up a favorite coffee drink or listening to favorite music or a podcast.

People who are feeling overwhelmed but who are not necessarily in a big time crunch may want to consider taking time out to better organize their workspace. This could mean cleaning out a desk drawer or decluttering an entire house, and it can restore a person’s feeling of control.

Taking a few moments to connect with someone, whether that person is a coworker, a friend or a family member, can also make a big difference. Just a short chat away from the work or whatever is creating the stress can change a person’s attitude. This might also be a good time to finally queue up a few of those funny videos people send.

Sometimes, while these small gestures can help in getting through the day, longer term changes are needed. People may need to pursue a deeper sense of overall satisfaction in their life by pursuing a job that involves work that they find meaningful or at least enjoyable.

To this end, it is always important at some point to dig into feelings of dissatisfaction to see whether it is just a normal dip in mood or signs of a deeper problem that needs to be addressed. Small daily perks can help until big life changes are possible.