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Loneliness is something everyone experiences at certain times in their life. Sometimes, this loneliness can be alleviated by getting a pet or reaching out to chat with a faraway friend. However, there are other times when these solutions are not as easy to access. When that happens, it is good to have some strategies for managing these feelings of loneliness.

Getting into a different environment can help. A walk can provide fresh air and exercise that can increase feelings of well-being even if the loneliness does not go away. If possible, people might want to try to take bigger steps, such as volunteering for an organization, joining a club or taking a class. This can provide contact with others while doing something meaningful even if it does not necessarily lead to lasting relationships. Sometimes, loneliness is tied up in boredom, and just getting out and doing something different can change those feelings. Taking part in a creative activity or striking up a conversation with a stranger can also help. 

Being around another person to help reduce loneliness is not always helpful. It depends on the person. In fact, it is possible to be lonely around other people. When this is the case, it is best to cut ties with this person or the group of people if possible. 

Sometimes, loneliness can be combated simply through the power of the mind. For example, remembering times of happiness with friends and that those times will come again might be helpful. Some people feel better when they journal or even talk to themselves. Singing can relieve loneliness in some situations. 

One of the most important elements of fighting loneliness is to avoid self-blame. Loneliness is an inevitable human emotion, and feeling it does not say anything about a person’s worth. It may help to view loneliness dispassionately, to acknowledge its existence and that it may be painful but to understand that like all emotions, it is also fleeting. On a different day, it is likely that different emotions will predominate. 

No one wants to experience loneliness, but it is an emotion that can be managed. With the tools above, people can change their relationship with feelings of loneliness and take practical steps to reduce its power.