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The holidays are upon us and that means there’s an increase in the number of people experiencing depression, anxiety, and other emotional health problems. If you are feeling worse than usual, this may be a good time to visit a therapist. Psychological counseling can help you identify and treat your emotional health problems, but you’ll first have to find a therapist with the in treating people with similar mental health issues.


Seek Recommendations

To get started in looking for a new therapist, you should ask friends or co-workers if they can recommend someone. You’ll want to begin with the names of several therapists in your area, so don’t stop after you have just one name. As you ask around, do so discreetly. Mental illness is still a taboo topic, so you may not get very far if you ask people about their therapy experiences in public. You’ll get far more information in more private settings.


Narrow Down Your Choices

Once you have a few names, you should eliminate the therapists without extensive experience dealing with issues similar to those you’re experiencing. Just as medical doctors specialize in practicing certain types of medicine, therapists typically work in one area of mental health. By finding someone with experience that relates to your condition, you can ensure you’ll get the specialized treatment you need.


Check Their Credentials

By now, you should have just two or three therapists from which to choose. This is the time for you to do some deeper research into their credentials. You can start by verifying that they have the proper licenses to practice, such as LMHC (licensed mental health counselor) or NCC (national certified counselor). A license is important because it ensures the individual is continuously updating their education, worked a specified number of supervised hours prior to obtaining accreditation, passed a background check, and passed a licensing exam.


Finding the right therapist can help you deal with emotional problems and other mental health issues that have affected you for years. When you take the time to find a qualified therapist who you trust, you’ll get more out of the experience. This will help you deal with the problems that affect your personal life, relationships, and career, so you can go on to live a more enriching life.